East Bay Loop Interview with Kenya

It has been a long love affair with music and now I’m here to stay and create. Music is life!”

Kenya Placido attributes her initial flirtation with singing to the opportunity that she had, like many young vocalists, to singing in the church choir. Kenya has grown up from singing in the pulpit at church to belting her heart out amongst the likes of Jill Scott, Brian McKnight and the Black Eyed Peas, to name a few.

Her skills have pushed her from behind the pulpit to singing backup for international stars. Now her voice has propelled her from the back of the stage to shine, and we couldn’t be happier that her stage has expanded, especially since she has a love for the East Bay.

Although you can’t catch this vocalist at your next Sunday service, you will be able to buy her long awaited solo album in the near future! Whether she is pursuing her solo career, singing in association with famous artists, or getting international air play, this diva is the real deal. She has the full package, as she co-produces her own tracks, writes and arranges her songs, and dances. Kenya is currently working on recording her debut album entitled “Reflections”.

Currently Kenya is under Ruthless Alliance Management and is ASCAP certified.


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